Purchasing the Wingster Airplane – Update

Purchasing the Wingster Airplane – Update

Cessna 195We are using the basic search tools that most everyone uses when they search for an airplane.





www.aopa.com (used for valuation of airplanes if you’re a member)

The more we look at the Cessna 185 and 195, the more we are leaning towards the 195. It is just such a cool looking airplane. We simply can’t get over the cowling that surrounds the Jacobs 7 cylinder radial engine.  We find ourselves dreaming about paint schemes, flying with friends, going to fly-ins  and soloing through the hills. This airplane truly brings out our love of aviation and all that it is about.  We’ve only been hangar flying with the 195 and we are already hooked!

The Cessna 190 and 195 are widely regarded by pilots and collectors as two of the finest classics ever built  and are much sought after on the used aircraft market.

In August 2008, the number of 190s and 195s still registered in the USA were as :

  • 108 Cessna 190
  • 282 Cessna 195
  • 157 Cessna 195A
  • 136 Cessna 195B

In August 2009 there were three Cessna 190s and 17 Cessna 195s registered in Canada. (Reference: Wikipedia)

WIth this limited inventory available to choose from, our work is going to be cut out for us to locate the perfect 195 for Wingster.  There is one for sale in Santa Monica, and we will probably go look at it to continue our learning of this model.  It is a Cessna 195A, and has some nice equipment.  However, the motor is in need of an overhaul, and the interior could use some love. In addition, we would rather purchase the 195B as it has more flaps and increased horsepower.  We believe that there is never too much of either!