About Wingster

Estelle TakeoffWingster, LLC is a California based company founded in 2012 by pilots Erik Ludwick and Michael Langston. It was general aviation that brought Ludwick and Langston together as student and instructor respectively in 2008. What started out as a 6 month student/teacher commitment, turned into a full time business partnership in several start up companies unrelated to aviation. These business ventures meant working together constantly, and flying together less and less. Fortunately, life has a way of bringing things full circle, and Ludwick and Langston saw the opportunity to create an enterprise that brought them back to general aviation in a big way – Wingster.

General aviation has a lot of really informative, interesting and useful websites on the internet. However, there was something important that was missing from all of them – the fun and wonderment of general aviation. With social media becoming increasingly mainstream, Ludwick and Langston decided to create an interest specific, social media platform around general aviation and formed Wingster . To get the party started, Wingster needed something to embody the spirit of the community. A 1952 Cessna 195 was purchased to be the 3rd partner in the business, and her name is Estelle. Although Ludwick and Langston get to return to the sky and write about their experiences, it is Estelle that captures the imagination, brings back the memories, and inspires new dreamers.

Wingster belongs to all of us – Welcome.