Airplane Camping

Airplane CampingIf you have never been airplane camping, I would like to strongly recommend it.  I borrowed a friend’s Cessna 206 this weekend, and took my wife and a couple friends to fly in campgrounds in Kernville, CA (L05) for a weekend of rafting, campfires and smores. The 206 is a perfect airplane for this type of adventure.  We loaded it up with 4 people, enough fuel for the trip and plenty of creature comforts for our campgrounds. The flight from Van Nuys, in the center of the San Fernando Valley to Kernville, in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains is just over 100 nautical miles. We departed Van Nuys at 9am and were setting up camp by 10am in what felt like another world. The airport at Kernville has a great little cafe that serves breakfast and lunch so you can eat some meals there if you like. The campground is only accessible from the runway so even on busy weekends there is a good chance there won’t be many people at this campground. The fee for camping is $15, there are porta-potties at camp and a makeshift shower, though the water was a little green. They have rental cars available at the airport but don’t plan on taking them far, the one we got was a 1987 on its last legs and they charged per day and per mile. It was perfect for running into town and running up the river to float back down.  This isn’t the first time I have used an airplane to go camping, it is however the closest I have ever camped to the airplane and runway. If you would like to share your favorite camping spots, please email them to I will put together a list and share it with the entire community.

Pilot Michael
Pilot Michael


  1. I added a few pics to my profile. Good luck convincing your wife.

    Pilot Michael

  2. Sounds like so much fun. Post some more pics! I need to convince my wife that this is fun.

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