Camp Highlight – Jao Camp – Botswana

Camp Highlight – Jao Camp – Botswana

Jao CampJao camp is sure to delight the group.  The camp is situated nicely in the middle of the Okavango Delta, which is home to lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, tsessebe, zebra, hippo and crocodile as well as the uncommon sitatunga and spotted-necked otter.  The Okavango Delta is one of Africa’s seven wonders and is created when the Okavango River reaches a tectonic trough in the central part of the Kalahari.  None of the water flows into a sea or an ocean, it all eventually evaporates.  The delta water covers an area ranging from almost 3000 square miles up to an area covering almost 6000 square miles depending on the season.  That is a lot of water.

Activities at Jao Camp

Jao Camp 1Jao Camp is full of potential activities for the guests.  You can take a traditional dug out canoe, called a mokoro, for a traditional cruise on the delta.  You can take a more modern power boat sightseeing on the delta.  You can go on traditional game drives during the day and the night.  You can choose to relax at camp in the spa or utilize some of the exercise equipment while gazing out over the waters.  From big game to small birds, the Okavango delta and Jao Camp have plenty to offer.

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Providing the ultimate Delta water experience in the heart of the Okavango, luxurious Jao Camp is set in an area where islands fringed with riverine forests meet vast productive floodplains. Shaded by a canopy of trees, the nine spacious and beautifully-designed tents offer en-suite facilities with indoor and outdoor showers. Expansive views from the private sala at each tent make for a sumptuous setting for afternoon siestas.

In addition to the main lounge and dining area, there are two plunge pools and a boma for dining under the stars, complemented by wines from an excellent wine cellar. Jao Camp also has a spa where a wide range of massage therapies are offered and a gym for the more active. The camp itself perfectly mirrors the beauty of the Delta and allows an effortless entry into the wonders of this pristine wetland paradise.


  • Jao is the epitome of luxury in the most remote, scenically splendid setting
  • Frequently visited by wildlife, including a gregarious family of mongoose that has made Jao its home
  • Sparkling waters, swaying reeds, leaping lechwe and dancing cranes – perpetual poetry in motion

Pilot Michael
Pilot Michael