Purchasing the Wingster Airplane

Purchasing the Wingster Airplane

Rotary Engine & PropellerWingster Needs an Airplane

The acquisition of an airplane is the only logical way to bring fun and informative content to the Wingster community.  Our mission is to locate and purchase an airplane, change the tail number, have it painted in fun colors, fly it all over the place, and share our adventures with the Wingster community through blogs, articles, photos, and videos.

Selecting the Airplane

Wingster is looking at a couple of airplanes at this point, a Cessna 185 and a Cessna 195.  We have narrowed the search to these airplanes for the following reasons:

  1. they are eye-catching
  2. they are easily identifiable
  3. they can access places we want to share with the Wingster Community
  4. they are accessible to the masses (not too pricey)
  5. conventional tailwheel landing gear offers more landing choices because of the increased propeller clearance from the ground.

The 185 is a heavy hauler and the 195 is a true eye catcher. Both can be equipped with floats or outfitted for off airport landings. If the objective was just to have an airplane that could do it all, we would pick the 185. That said, we just can’t pull ourselves away from the beauty of the 195. We will keep you posted as we research both airplanes more thoroughly.


If along the way you have questions please send them to Ask Michael. Please include “Ask Michael” in the subject line and Michael will respond as quickly as possible.