Estelle Goes to Oshkosh – Part 1 – 6

Estelle Goes to Oshkosh – Part 1 – 6

Fresh out of the paint shop, Estelle is ready to show the world her new look. So we are flying to Oshkosh for the worlds biggest gathering of aircraft. First stop, Tucson, AZ, where we catch up with an old friend, Ash Vij.

In the second episode, Estelle flies from Tucson AZ to Roswell NM where she encounters high winds. In Roswell, Ken and Michael Visit the Alien Museum and speak with Mark who runs the Alien Museum Library.

In the third episode, Estelle traces her roots to Wichita, KS. The joy of flying over America’s flat lands.

The big day, we’re on our way to Oshkosh. First a fuel stop at Iowa City, Iowa. The real question is the weather.

After a quick lunch and checking the weather, we’re finally headed to Oshkosh. The excitement of completing our adventure is immense. It’s the unexpected that really throws us.

After a shocking interruption, we head for our first ever landing at Oshkosh, AirVenture. As you can imagine, the adrenaline is rushing and we can’t wait to finish this amazing journey.

Pilot Michael
Pilot Michael


  1. Just watched the last video report. It’s neat to see how you ended up in the parking space that I happened to wander by that day and meet you. I’m guessing that your flight in will be a lot less eventful in future years!

  2. Yeah, I was a little caught off guard by the flock of RV’s. Being that we weren’t in contact on the radios I had no idea how many there were or where they were coming from. They should have just lined up behind me instead of crowding in, in front of me. All well that ends well.

  3. Part 5 got a little hairy! I remember you telling me about the RVs at Oshkosh, but without be “bleeping”! šŸ˜‰

  4. Love the report. Can’t wait to see the next leg.