Fly A Jet

Fly A Jet

Phenom 100 Between LayersI am privileged to be in the position of teaching people to fly a jet. Due to the advent of the “Very Light Jets” pilots are transitioning, on a regular basis, from single engine airplanes, to owner flown jets. The jets on the market that are feeding this frenzy are the Phenom 100, Cessna Mustang and Eclipse 500. It is incredible to see the advancement of aircraft automation over the last 5 years, for smaller general aviation aircraft. Engine parameters and power limitations are monitored by the computer and compensated for automatically. Airframe deice systems are automated and reduced to a single “On/Off” switch. The pressurization systems in the Phenom 100 is as simple as setting landing field elevation and selecting “Auto”. All of this automation relieves the pilot of mundane tasks, allowing him/her to anticipate upcoming changes, or time to deal with abnormalities.
With “personal” jets becoming much more prolific in the United States, I expect to see people starting flight training with the realistic goal of flying themselves around, in a jet in under 2 years. If you have the time and dedication, you could be flying yourself around. Go inquire at your local flight school or email us for recommendations. It is not uncommon for people to get their private pilots license in 4 months. From there you continue on and acquire your “Instrument” rating (so you can fly in the clouds). The usual progression from there is your Commercial Single Engine rating, but this is not necessary if you’re flying your own airplane and not for hire. If the airplane you own, or want to own, has more than one engine, you will need your multi-engine rating. Most people accomplish their multi engine rating in under 30 hours. Now it is time to transition into your airplane and for all jets you need a “Type” rating which can be accomplished in as little as two weeks at a sim school. It sounds like a lot but it’s worth it, the immense pleasure you get flying yourself around is priceless.

Pilot Michael
Pilot Michael


  1. Great post.

  2. Hi,

    really nice I found this site exactly when plan for a type rating on Phenom 100. One of my friends would like to buy one and I plan to fly with.
    Now, I have ATPL frozen – about 400 h on single engine G1000 cockpit, not too much IFR and looking for starting the type rating for Phenom 100. Please let me know how I should proceed. Please also let me know if and How I could have access to manuals and which are the steps.
    Thank you and looking forward flying with you!

    • Cristian,
      I am glad to hear you found our website, I hope you find tons of interesting and fun information. As far as a type rating goes you have a couple options. 1. You can do the type rating in a Phenom 100 that you own or rent or 2. You go to a sim school that offers Phenom 100 type ratings.(

      If your friend has already taken delivery of their Phenom and you have the ability to use it, it is quite fun to do your training in the airplane. I’ve traveled all over the United States providing flight training in owners airplanes and they always have fun going through the process.

      It is good that you have time in the G1000 as this is usually the most difficult part of the training if you’re not already familiar. The airplane is such a great airplane to fly that most people that are IFR current, G1000 proficient and have the time to dedicate to studying can finish a type rating in a week to 10 days.

      Email me at and I can send you some study materials.