Painting Estelle Update

Painting Estelle Update

Aircraft PartWe just received notice that the first bit of color was sprayed onto Estelle today. Send us a message stating what the orange part is, and we will add 100 points to your account.

The fine people at Century Aircraft Paint are working very hard to get Estelle done on time.  Eveline Vogel has been particularly patient and accommodating throughout the process as we have made several changes along the way.  She has ordered paint for Estelle only to return it to get different paint because we changed our minds.  She has also brought in exciting resources for us to ensure that Estelle will be unique and very special.

We are very excited to see the airplane covered in blazing orange.  This color has to be seen in person to truly appreciate it. The orange is being covered in a clear coat with pearl paint mixed with it.  Accent colors will include a candy apple blue, charcoal and white.  It should be stunning and memorable.  We will bring you updates as paint starts going on.

We are planning our route to Oshkosh Wisconsin in July and will be making lots of stops to share Estelle and talk to people at local airports.  If you have suggestions for a route that might bring us past your airport, please email your suggestion to