Painting Estelle Update

Painting Estelle Update

Aircraft in Primerdents


Erik and Michael went to Century Aircraft Paint today to check on the progress of Estelle’s paint job. It is coming along great. All of the stripping and sanding is complete, and now they are onto fixing the minor dents and dings. Once the body work is finished, a full coat of primer will be appliesd to ready Estelle for her new paint.

An unexpected surprise while we were there was an introduction to Frank.  Frank comes from a custom car background, and has done some breathtaking paint work. We had the opportunity to comb through his portfolio, and we can’t wait to see his ideas for Estelle.

“I know it is going to turn out amazing.” – Michael Langston

After a brief discussion, we approved Century Aircraft Paint’s rentention of Frank to facilitate the paint scheme and colors of Estelle.  We don’t want to spoil the surprise but we can say with confidencet that you have never seen our chosen colors on an airplane before. Some will love it, some will not … everyone will take notice.