Purchasing the Wingster Airplane – Update

It’s getting very close now, we are leaving to pickup Estelle next Tuesday. It’s not as easy as it sounds, Estelle is currently in Goodland Kansas, which happens to be closer to Denver international airport than any major airport in Kansas. We are going to fly into Denver, rent a car, and drive to Goodland.After Michael takes delivery of the airplane, Ken will have to drive the car back to Denver.  Michael doesn’t have much time logged in the 195, so he will take lessons on Wednesday and Thursday while in Goodland.   Once comfortable with Estelle, Michael will head home along the Southern border via Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. The exact route is not clear, but Michael believes that he will head south to Texas and fly West along the Mexico border back to Los Angeles.  This route is safer because of its lower terrain and provides many more options in the event that something goes wrong.