Primary Flight Instruction

Primary Flight Instruction

flight instruction

Flight Instruction

Primary flight instruction is the art of teaching people to fly, the initial rating is called “Private Pilot”. From there private pilots can go on to learn “Instrument” flying, “Commercial” flying, “Multi-Engine” flying and many other ratings.
It’s a true privilege to teach people to fly. When you take someone through the steps from their first flight, to their first solo, to their pilot rating, there are countless rewards along the way. By becoming a pilot you are really joining a fraternity that very few people join. In the United States there are 618,660 (source AOPA) licensed pilots. This represents only .19 percent of the population of the United States. If you continue through all of the pilot ratings required to become an instructor the fraternity becomes much much smaller, just .03 percent of the US population.
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Training Process

There are several ways to begin your flight training, first you have to choose your school or instructor. The first choice is to pick a path, part 61 training (think part time) or part 141 training (think full time). There are benefits to both routes but the simplest way to look at it is part 61 is for part time training (you’re not quitting your profession to flight train) or you’ve decided that “I’m going to be a professional pilot and quit my current earthbound career”, then part 141 will be the most economical way to reach your goal. After that choice, flight training is as easy as committing a significant portion of your free time and all of your finances to your new found love. Just remember, you will see your family again one day and you can always earn more money, imagine how amazing your wallet is going to look with that very rare pilots license in it. I know for many people the thought of starting flight training is intimidating, but I can assure you it is worth the discomfort that comes with starting something new. You are challenged and rewarded along the entire process. Learning something new that is this challenging will benefit you throughout the rest of your life.

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