Purchasing the Wingster Airplane – Update

Purchasing the Wingster Airplane – Update

Cessna 195So today I woke to a phone call at 6am. “Hello, Michael? My name is Kent calling from Gone Flying Aviation”. This is how it goes, I decided to inquire about a couple of Cessna 195’s and they happen to be on the east coast. Brokers never take into consideration that you put “Los Angeles” as your location in your online request, they want to sell an airplane, it’s 9am their time and they have had a cup of coffee, so they decide its a good time to call.


It was startling, but a good call. The airplane is priced very low and it looks like it could be a very good candidate. It is priced low for two reasons. One, it ran off the end of the runway in 1967 and was substantially damaged and two, the motor was overhauled in 2003 and only has 30 hours on it.


Now I have to start the investigation into wether it was repaired properly and if the engine has been preserved for its long years of not flying. I will first go to some local contacts that have owned radial engine airplanes for years and I will talk to local mechanics that have worked on these airplanes. If this airplane is still a promising option I will make my way out to Louisiana to kick the tires. I might even take a local mechanic with me to do the pre-buy inspection. Radial engine aircraft are not all that common at a lot of maintenance shops and I want to make sure the right things get looked at.


I also called on an airplane that is closer to me here in California. It is $45K more but it is also a low time engine, airframe and no damage history. Unfortunately the guy that knows all about it was up flying, I should receive a call back in the next couple hours. What I did learn is that this airplane is the owners baby and has been treated as such. This could also mean that he has priced it as his baby and I’m not looking to own anyone’s children, I just want a really good airplane.