Purchasing the Wingster Airplane – Update

Purchasing the Wingster Airplane – Update

Cessna 195, MNIt’s been awhile since I have updated this post. My wife and I went on a beautiful vacation to Ireland to see her family.


Things were not at a standstill while I was gone. Currently Estelle (Wingster 195) is in pre purchase / annual inspection at Butterfly Aviation in Goodland KS. I found Butterfly Aviation through the 195 Club and I am very happy I found them. John Collet, the owner of Butterfly really knows his stuff when it comes to 195’s and I know Estelle is in good hands.


Other things that are happening include working with Dan Garzelloni of Mile High Money to secure financing for Estelle. It turns out, there are not many banks in the country that are willing to finance an airplane over 20-30 years old. In our current financial environment it seems that banks are just not interested in taking on vintage aircraft. I find it unfortunate that AOPA, the largest general aviation member program, only deals with Bank of America. When I called and asked them about a loan for our airplane, they just flat out told me “No, we don’t finance aircraft that old”. AOPA is supposed to be there to help General Aviation and they didn’t even attempt to advise me where I might be able to get financing. Dan Garzelloni has been in the aircraft finance business for over 15 years and he had the connections to get the financing done. Thank you Dan.


So, financing is almost in place, I am working with Canon Aviation for my insurance needs and if everything comes back clean during the inspection, I hope to be posting about picking up Estelle sometime next week.



  1. I LOVE reading about your experience finding and purchasing Estelle. I’m going through it all now, with a 1952 Cessna LC-126 – the plane of my dreams. Look forward to meeting you at one of the 195 events.