Zero Adventure to Alaska – Conclusion

Zero Adventure to Alaska – Conclusion

Zero Wing Over Mountains

This morning at 2am, the Mitsubishi Zero adventure in Alaska came to an end. An exhausted Michael and Ken landed safely in Van Nuys, and quietly tucked the Columbia 400 into her hangar.

“I don’t think I can ever put into words the beauty, amazement and fear I felt on this adventure.  It was an incredible journey.  We witnessed true wilderness spanning hundreds of miles in every direction.  We met some of the best people we have ever met.  We did what we love to do … we flew two great airplanes to many great destinations.”

Michael Langston

Wingster would like to convey its gratitude to Zero pilot Jason Somes for the opportunity to document this journey.  An additional thank you goes out to Michael and Ken for the long and challenging days required to make this journey a success.